Philosophy & Ethics

I would like to offer you a space where you and all your facets can express without fear. Each individual session includes an invitation to truly be “you” and to find out what that means for you right now.

Being in dialogue

We all live connected in a wide web of relationships. Through our way of living relationships, we express ourselves in the world. Relationships make visible what brings us joy, where our talents are and what and how we love. They also make visible where we hide, what we avoid and where our wounds are.

For me, being in a dialogue with oneself and the world means to be open to the otherness without already knowing an answer. It is a sensitive listening in which one traces the echo of the other within oneself and is ready to answer honestly. In the individual sessions we will be in dialogue with each other, and creating a relationship in which your life can become visible. I trust the dialogue and am curious about what will show up.

Expanding Awareness

Generally, we include in our lives only those things of which we are aware. An essential core of the individual sessions is to become aware of what-is without wanting to change or not wanting to be aware. Together, I would like to explore what is behind and to learn to navigate vulnerability and spaces of discomfort. I appreciate listening to your inner voice, your feelings and sensations and giving it more space.

The path of small steps

My life bears the signature of many small conscious steps and I would like to share this trust in life with you. I trust in the intelligence of the human organism in conscious contact with itself and its environment to find a small, next step that leads further in a coherent direction. When the time is ready for it, change, healing and growth arise by themselves. Breathing, inner stillness and awareness of the body help to let such natural steps arise from within. Patience allows us to marvel at the wisdom of life, which is so much older than ourselves.


How I deal with myself and my life contributes significantly to how I deal with other people and their lives. Thus, I maintain a very benevolent physical, emotional and cognitive approach to my own “self”. More and more, I am learning a mature and creative way of dealing with not-knowing and I am constantly refining the arts of “self-consciousness” and of “letting-be”. In addition, I regularly reflect on my own work in supervision sessions and engage in fruitful exchange with trustworthy colleagues.

A natural metaphor

Imagine you are a plant and you want to develop well and bring your being to bloom. How would you like to be cared? For me it is important to strengthen your roots and to find out together what is four you a “fertile soil”, so that you can root well and receive healthy nutrients. We can find out how much “water” and “light” you need, what feels healthy and where is a good place to grow. We can explore how your life develops in the four seasons, so it can grow well and be vital. This natural process can be supported, but can neither be forced from the outside nor from the inside. With this sensitivity I would like to meet you.

There is a space within us, where we can find deeper answers to our questions of life.