Who am I?

How long has this question been with me? I stumbled upon it already as a teenager through my otherness and my wish to belong. During the years of my PhD in mathematics, I began to explore more seriously the wilderness of my soul. I started to perceive my wounds and learned about different ways of healing. Since 2019, I accompany others on their path of growth and healing. My work thrives on my enthusiasm for learning as a human being, my constant search for self-knowledge and my deep love for our planet earth, which generously gives my humble existence a home.

How did this change in my life happen? Initially, I simply followed my joy for abstraction, pattern recognition and problem solving. I studied mathematics in Munich and then moved for my doctorate to Passau. Along the way, I was very actively engaged with the Boy Scouts of the DPSG on regional and diocesan level. My long lived interest with the mystical traditions of the world religions was met by my first encounters with shamanic rituals and constellation work. One day, I realized the fragmentation of my life, which shimmered in all the colors of the rainbow, but somehow wanted to be integrated together in a coherent way. Painfully, I understood that my existence asked its own, new answer towards life from me.

Following an unknown path, I found tools that I could use in my new understanding of the world. I started a 4-year Gestalt therapy training in Nuremberg, a psychology degree in Vienna and learned in deep shamanic initiations in Brazil and Peru to know my vulnerability and my strength. I appreciate the complexity of the Gestalt, which is very close to the human being, I appreciate the insights of psychology, which is scientifically dedicated to the complexity of human experience and behavior, and I appreciate the originality of shamanism, which speaks a natural language of the soul. These three worlds, which have been grown and interweaved in myself, I would like to share with you.

Sonnenaufgang am Berg Gennargentu auf Sardinien
Altar mit Bild einer Frau
Blick auf das Meer und einem Berg

Life Journey

From Mathematics to Psychology, Gestalt therapy & Shamanism.

With my grown life path I can offer you an unusual mix of experience to reflect you and your life and to support your development as a human being.

Since 2020, I offer shamanic seminars and rituals in Vienna and on Sardinia in the Artejanis School of Life. In addition, I am actively involved in a psychotherapy research project for Gestalt therapy. In my master’s thesis I am currently exploring the therapeutic potential of ayahuasca for adults with childhood trauma.

Study of Psychology (B.Sc.)
Universität Wien
2019 — 2022
Training in Gestalttherapy (body-oriented & relational)
Symbolon-Institut für Gestalttherapie in NürnbergPacific Gestalt Institute in Los Angeles (USA)SkanAkademie Hamburg
2018 — 2022
Integral Nature-based Counselling
bei Arthur Dorsch und Claudia Maria Werner (Inner Nature)
2018 — 2019
Student of XamAM (Shaman & Psychologist )
Shamanic Initiations more than 1000 hours of personal and group experienceTerra Mirim, Brazil
since 2017
Promotion in Mathematik, Dr. rer. nat.
Universität Passau
2012 — 2015
Study of Mathematics (B.Sc, M.Sc.)
Technical University of Munich
2007 — 2012

There is a space within us, where we can find deeper answers to our questions of life.