Hello, I am Joshua. As a former researcher in Mathematics I am happy to offer you a charming blend of Psychology, Gestalt therapy & Shamanism to support you in your personal development as a human being. I have learned to trust life and live in the rhythm of nature.

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Joshua Dr. Johannes Nagler - Personal development

Online Individual Sessions

Client wants to develop personality with coaching and mentoring

How much time do you devote to things that help you to grow and mature as a person? I would be happy to accompany you on your life’s journey if you want to develop yourself as a human being and you are seeking your own answers – in stormy and in sunny times.

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Experience & Background


Psychology contributes to our understanding of the complexity of the human experience and behaviour. Neuroscientific brain research provides insights into emotions, cognition and learning processes. Developmental psychology and positive psychology explore what constitutes a good life and what can contribute to it. For dealing with trauma or crises, there are well-studied healing methods in clinical psychology. With interest, I have been following the growing research field of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is a humanistic-existential psychotherapy method developed by Fritz Perls, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman. In addition to personal growth and autonomy, it aims to develop and refine presence, awareness and responsibility. It promotes the integration of different parts of the personality and encourages making new experiences and overcoming existing difficulties. According to J.S. Simkin, Gestalt therapy means learning in relationship.


Shamanism is probably the oldest spiritual and healing tradition of mankind. It works with primordial, natural forms of healing and altered states of consciousness, which can awaken forgotten memories and connections and support healing processes. The ancient knowledge of shamanism provides alternative approaches to the challenges of our modern, techno-centric world and is a valuable pillar for wellbeing and life development.

Curious? It is not easy to find someone to whom you entrust your life. It is very enriching to have someone. Just get in touch and get to know me.

Personal Growth

How I can support You

To make sure that your life and your personal development don't come up short in a busy everyday life, I regularly give your life space and work with you individually on your personal concerns.

Holistic Life Reflection

Together we look at crucial facets of your life and find potentials for your growth.

Work-Life Balance

A healthy balance between work and private life should be regularly checked and – if needed – recreated.

Important Decisions

Use your mind, heart and gut to make coherent decisions that you can stand behind.

Difficult Life Situations

I support you to talk about difficult experiences and accompany you carefully in dealing with them.

Healing Old Wounds

Traumatic experiences can be processed in a healing way and integrated into life with a deeper understanding.


We are usually most vulnerable in our closest relationships. I will look with you how they can flourish.

There is a space within us, where we can find deeper answers to our questions of life.