Individual Sessions

Would you like to actively engage with your personal development? In my individual sessions I will give you and your life space. I am happy to accompany you step by step on your life path and support you individually in your personal growth process.

In order to develop a trusting and sustainable relationship, I mainly accompany medium to long-term processes (ideally at least 10 sessions). I am offering a binding relationship, so that you have the possibility to come back to a familiar space whenever you might need. I do not want to promise miracles: Growth, change and healing need time and I would like to take this time with you.

Possible issues might concern to

  • Challenging life situations and crises
  • Important life decisions or the feeling of being at a crossroads
  • Work-life balance
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Feeling a stranger in society
  • Development of authentic self-expression
  • Questions of meaning and finding meaning

Considering the very good experiences with online sessions and its indepence from the location, I currently offer the individual sessions exclusively online.

My average fee is 100 € per hour. This can vary according to your income and you life situation.

How can I get an Appointment?

  • 1.

    Get in Touch

    Write me a text about yourself and your concern. The best way is to use the contact form but you can also write me by e-mail.

  • 2.

    Make an Appointment

    Together we will find a first appointment — by e-mail or by phone.

  • 3.

    First Individual Session

    The individual sessions take place via Zoom or Skype. In the first session we will get to know each other and find out whether my offer is suitable for you.


How do I find out if your offering is suitable for me?

In your first sessions, you will have the opportunity to get to know me and ask questions to see if you like my approach. If in the first half of the session you or I feel that this space is not suitable for you, the session will be free of charge.

I am also aware that at the beginning it might not be easy to ask for support regarding life questions. Feelings of inadequacy or shame are natural and I also felt that way in my first sessions. Looking back, I am now happy that at that time I allowed sensitive people to accompany my life and to support me to not escape from unpleasant topics.

How often are individual sessions useful?

Generally, I recommend at the beginning to have 2h per month. Depending on your concerns and your life situation, we will decide together how to continue. More or even fewer hours are only useful in individual cases.

Experience shows that regular sessions are more sustainable than a few intensive sessions (possible in individual cases). For special occasions I can also accompany longer processes in a nature-based context up to several days. Please feel free to ask me.

Do individual sessions also make sense if I don't have a specific concern at the moment?

Yes, they do. If you are looking for a longer-term guidance and you are looking for a familiar growth space for you and your life, then it actually makes a lot of sense. You will gain different perspectives and can build a relationship where you can explore your life with all its facets in a protected space. In stormy times you will then have a trusted companion at your side.

Is there a chance to have face-to-face sessions with you?

Yes, there would be a possibility for that in Vienna or in Munich. Please feel free to ask me.

What is the difference between your individiual sessions and coaching, counseling or psychotherapy?

My trainings and my approach are a blend of these fields. Coaching and counseling is most often solution-focused and result-oriented. In contrast, I work mainly process-oriented such that your life can become visible as it is at the moment. In my experience, the originality and beauty of the wilderness of the soul with all its light and dark sides can only be experienced if the space is not structured by a concrete approach. Exactly for this, I would like to give you space where you can find out what is important and coherent for you right now.

Psychotherapy, on the other hand, serves to treat a diagnosed mental disorder according to DSM-5 or ICD-10 Chapter V (F). I like to accompany therapeutic processes on the side or after, but I do not offer psychotherapy itself. Feel free to ask me what makes sense in your case.

I am aware of the fact that individual sessions with me also have limits and I will, if necessary, suggest other offers from me or others that could be useful additions in such a situation (group offers, seminars on special topics, etc.). For this I have a good network with people I trust.

There is a space within us, where we can find deeper answers to our questions of life.